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Large Breast Naturally with Pueararia Mirifica

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BREAST CREAM Pueraria Mirifica Natural Phytoestrogen formulated with Natural Liposomes to tone and firm the breast area.
A rejuvenating and firming treatment for breast. Formulated with natural phytoestrogen Pueraria Mirifica helps to firm, shape, and tone the breast area.

It is pH balanced and contains Vitamin E to provide antioxidant defense while keeping the skin soft and smooth and deep penetrating Oleosomes (Natural Liposomes) to progressively tone and improve the tissues of the breasts resulting more attractive bust line, firmer and fuller breast.  Natural Product of Thailand.

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Pueraria mirfica (White Gwao Gaur) is twining herbs exists only in northern part of Thailand, the tuber (root) enable to enlarge and accumulate some natural compounds classified as "Phytoestrogens" and comprised of miroestro, daidzin, deidzein, genistin, genistein, puerarin, miriflicin and kwakhurin whic are more concentrated and higher effective than in Soya And Alfafa.
Recent studies show that these compounds could promote the growth of breast cells and bring out your naturally feminine beauty.
Within 6-8 weeks, at a daily does of 300-600mg of the herb, user claim that the result had Dramatically Benefits.
This product balanced with Panax ginseng, Angelica sinensis, especially formulated for female beauty.
*Larger your breast size naturally
*Firmer your breasts naturally
*Fuller your breasts naturally

Welcom to new e-shop www.EcoGeckoShop.com

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